Why Do Concrete Roof Tiles Crack?

As a child, I grew up on a farm, and from an early age, I learned how to repair broken stuff all on my own. As an adult, some of the skills I learned back then have come in handy in my everyday life.

In my experience, both on and off the farm, I learned that concrete roof tiles could last a lifetime with no external influence when left to their own devices.

However, since they are placed outside in the harsh sun, concrete roof tiles often exposed to objects and conditions that break them.

Additionally, if you have experienced a concrete broken roof tile, you know the risks all too well.

The broken concrete roof tile lets water and moisture in. however, since many homeowners have a waterproof membrane below the tile, they do not suspect that the water might leak into the house.

Conventional logic dictates that the waterproof membrane is not always reliable. Therefore, as soon as you spot a broken concrete roof tile, get a replacement soonest possible.

Further, I did some research on some of the most common causes of having broken concrete roof tile.

Common Causes of Broken Concrete Roof Tiles

Here are some of the reasons you may find interesting:

  1. Inexperienced handymen

Concrete roof tiles can last longer if the individuals who fit them are professional. An average roof tile can last between 15 – 30 years if well installed.

If you hire individuals who do not have enough experience installing roof tiles, then the chances are that they will not last as long as they should.

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Therefore, have a background check to see if they have the right expertise required when hiring. You may also ask them to provide you with reference to a client they have serviced before.

  1. Concrete tiles are not placed on solid structures.

Typically, concrete tiles are heavier than similar roofing materials. That means they require a well-built structure to support them.

If they are not placed on a solid structure, the chances are that they will break due to a lack of structural support.

I have seen this first hand. Many homeowners tend to renovate their homes. While renovating, they want to change from shingles to concrete roof tiles.

However, they do not reinforce the roof structure because of neglect. In the end, the entire roof tends to collapse, and the concrete tiles break with the collapse.

Therefore, reinforce the roof before laying any concrete tiles.

  1. Adverse weather conditions

Like any other roofing element, concrete tiles are subject to harsh weather conditions. You may find it interesting to know that the primary reason concrete tiles break is due to the weather.

These tiles naturally have high wind resistance. However, they do not do so well in the face of hurricanes or powerful winds.

Therefore, when these winds come to your residence, the tiles will be blown off and break in the process. They are, however, more resistant to the wind because they are heavier than similar roof materials.

  1. Concrete tiles have a porous texture.

Having a porous texture simply means that small water particles are trapped inside the tile after it rains. Naturally, concrete tiles have many small holes on the surface.

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Therefore, some of the water will settle in those holes when the rain pours. This water can, however, damage the tile.

After the water settles and the sun does not shine quickly enough, it will eat away the tile. Over an extended period, especially during a rainy season, the damage to concrete tiles is substantial.

Furthermore, those pockets of water allow for mildew and moss growth. These two will stain and discolour your roof.

  1. Heating and cooling may lead to tile cracking.

As you may know, all objects expand and contract when exposed to heat. Concrete tiles are no different.

When the sun shines, they expand. This is mainly during the day and when the temperatures are high.

When it is nighttime or the temperatures are low, they contract. This process is natural.

However, it causes tiles to crack, especially when the water pockets discussed above are full.

What Causes Concrete Roof Tiles To Crack?

Here are some of the factors that cause broken and cracked concrete roof tiles:

• Inexperienced service providers
• Concrete tiles are not placed on strong structures
• Adverse weather conditions
• Concrete tiles have a porous texture
• Heating and cooling may lead to tile cracking

Once you notice a broken tile, it is essential to get it repaired soonest possible.

When you notice that it is stained and discoloured, you should know there is a moss build-up. It can be eliminated by scrubbing down the roof.

Further, when placing tiles on the roof, remember to reinforce so that the structure is strong enough to support the concrete tiles.

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Additionally, remember to contact only professional service providers who will do an excellent job.