What Concrete Do They Use For Skateparks?

A skate park is a recreational centre that involves vigorous activities.

Therefore, during construction, it is best to use the right type of concrete that can handle the activities of skaters.

It is best to research some of the different types of concrete before you can jump on constructing a skate park.

The Safety of the skaters should be paramount.

That is why precast concrete becomes your best option when constructing a skate park. It is possible to construct other structural members such as walls, frames and the floor using precast concrete.

This will help you save on time, energy and resources.

Here, you will know more about precast concrete and what makes it suitable for skate park construction.

What is Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete is an off-site concrete production. The method of preparation highly depends on the kind of project you will use it for.

You can either pre-stress it with steel or able reinforcement so that you can increase the entire strength of the structure.

It is also important to note that not all precast concrete is stressed.

Therefore, be aware of the type of structure you are planning to put up and whether or not it will require any further reinforcement.

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You will also need to acquaint yourself with the initial stages of preparing precast concrete.

They include:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing and assembling the reinforcement cage
  • Form preparation and pre-pour inspection
  • Concrete placement
  • Curing and stripping
  • Post-pour

Why use Precast Concrete for Skate parks?

Here are some reasons why precast concrete is the best for skate parks construction.

1. It is Time Saving

With the world changing and new trends coming in place, it is best to go for projects and methodologies that are the best but use the minimal time to construct.

The preparation stage of precast concrete usually takes place on precast plants or factories.

This gives construction room to focus on other pending projects while making the precast concrete.

Construction engineers are also able to focus on other duties in the field like surveys and earthwork.

Once the precast concrete is ready, they transport it to the site, where installation can begin anytime.

Working with precast concrete allows you to continue with other construction works simultaneously, thus saving you plenty of time.

By the time the precast arrives at the site, the construction engineers will be done or winding up some tasks so that construction can continue as initially planned.

2. It Enhances Safety at the Construction Site

The construction of a skate park requires enough workspace so that the results can be good.

Using precast concrete eliminates the clutter of any unnecessary equipment and tools on the construction site.

Since the preparation of precast concrete is done off-site, it will be unusual to find overcrowding at the construction site, thus giving engineers adequate space to work in.

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You will only need a handful of engineers at the site precast concrete requires only lifting and installation to create a skate park.

When the number of workers at the construction site is low, it improves Safety since no dangerous tools will be lying around carelessly.

Lack of raw materials and traditional frameworks at the site will reduce the number of accidents that usually occur onsite. It also makes the construction site more manageable till the project is complete.

3. Precast Concrete is of Premium Quality

One good thing about using precast concrete for skate parks is that it has to be of good quality.

Before engineers can transport it to the construction site for installation, it usually undergoes numerous tests at the precast factory.

During the preparation stage, experts from quality assurance usually conduct an inspection right from when mixing of cement begins until when installation occurs.

There are also laboratories in the precast plants that examine the different chemical ingredients.

This ensures that engineers use the right proportions of each ingredient to result in well-balanced concrete.

The quality assurance experts ensure that there are no errors, thus making the skate park construction safe.

Quality assurance ensures that they test the concrete before pouring it into the mould. All these tests are put in place to ensure that the skate park is safe for its users.

4. Precast Concrete is Versatile

Currently, skate parks come in different designs, making precast concrete the best option as you can mould it in different shapes and sizes.

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If, for instance, a client wants a unique design for their skate park, engineers can easily achieve that since precast concrete is highly convenient.

For you to achieve its versatility, you will have to account for it in the initial stages of production.

Get hold of the correct dimensions to cut the bars and assemble them correctly to form the best reinforcement cage.

It is also possible to recycle the precast concrete. If you wish to use the bars and walls for other projects, carefully uninstall them during deconstruction.

What’s The Best Concrete To Use For Skateparks?

The best concrete to use for skate parks is precast concrete. This is because of the numerous benefits it serves.

The most important reason is its versatility. It allows engineers to create unique designs of skate parks that will attract the general public.