How To Clean Concrete Without Pressure Washer

The price of an effective pressure washer can be expensive to you. This makes you stuck in deciding what can suitably replace the use of the pressure washer.

At times you may have it, but you have no skills to go about it.

Lack of skills can result in property damage, such as pitting lines, if you continuously concentrate on spraying one spot.

Below are some suitable substitutes that can be used instead of the pressure washer.

1. Use Vinegar To Clean Concrete

Vinegar is considered to be one of the best natural cleaners. This product is safe for concrete cleaning and ideal in your home at large.

When using vinegar to clean your concrete, you must adhere to a short and straightforward guideline.

Take your preferred amount of vinegar and mix it with an equal water ratio.

Put the solution in a sprayer bottle and start spraying the solution. Kindly ensure the vinegar you are using is white vinegar, as it’s outstanding for concrete cleaning.

It is essential to have things like stiff brushes or even scrub brushes usually used in cleaning floors. You may need them when cleaning parts of the densely soiled concrete.

After you are through with the scrubbing, you are not convinced that all stain hasn’t been taken off. Try using vinegar alone, don’t mix it with water; spray it on the surface.

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It usually takes less than fifteen minutes for the vinegar to settle and react to the stain. Take your hose pipe and wash away all the vinegar solution and any debris created in the process of scrubbing.

2. Baking soda For Cleaning Concrete

When doing concrete cleaning, it is crucial to consider some environmentally friendly ways.

Baking soda is another environmentally friendly way you can use to clean your concrete.

To have your DIY natural cleaning solution, you will need baking soda and a gallon of water. Take half a cup of baking soda and add it to a gallon full of water.

Ensure you have mixed it to attain a uniform solution. In addition, if you feel like the natural cleaning solution above is not enough, you can consider adding liquid dish detergent to the solution.

The amount to be added should be an eighth of the cup you used to measure baking soda.

Immediately you are through with making your solution; you can start to spray the solution against the concrete surface.

Allow the solution to settle for at most twenty minutes. During these 20 minutes, the baking soda will be reacting with the grime and dirt on the concrete.

At last, you can start scrubbing your concrete; at this moment, you will notice that all the grime and dirt are rising with minimal effort.

After the scrubbing process, you can now bring in your hose pipe and wash off all the solution and dirt.

3. Bleaching agents On Concrete

Although it’s another way of cleaning concrete without a pressure washer, the use of bleach should be the last option when it comes to concrete cleaning.

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Bleaching agents are generally hazardous to your health and the environment.

So, I will advise you when handling bleaching detergent; you should wear the required protective clothing.

Also, it should be stored away from the reach of kids and pets.

After adhering to all health and safety precautions, it’s now time to mix your bleaching solution with water. Ensure you attain a uniform solution; failure to, you will experience bleach concentration in some areas.

Put your mixed solution into the spraying can. Spray it to the concrete surface and allow ten minutes to settle on the dirt.

Later on, you can scrub all the stains with your stiffer brush. Bleaching solutions are powerful and efficient; with this, you will not have any trouble getting rid of stains.

After a thorough scrubbing, you can now wash out all the stains and the bleaching solution. After washing out all the solutions, kindly ensure the place is arid.

This applies if that place has no direct source of sunlight. Suppose you leave the area wet; sometimes, you will get green algae and moss growing on the surface.

4. Try Cleaning Concrete With Muriatic acid

You can try using muriatic acid whenever you have tough stains on your concrete. It is one of the great ways of cleaning concrete surfaces.

This product also deals effectively with any grout and rust on the surface. When dealing with muriatic acid, you need to be very keen the same way you would in the case of bleach.

Have the correct attire on and adhere to the manufacturers’ guidelines as this product is hazardous.

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If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on using it, you will have a robust and reliable cleaning solution for all your stains.

5. Trisodium phosphate (TSP) Can Be Used To Clean Concrete

To come up with an effective concrete cleaning solution, you will have to take your TSP and mix it with water.

After creating the solution, spray it to the concrete and start scrubbing until all the stains are out.

Finally, wash out the solution using water from the hose pipe.

5 Ways To Clean Concrete Without A Pressure Washer

Concrete cleaning should not be a problem for you at all. You don’t necessarily require pressure to do the cleaning.

You can clean your concrete with the following methods:

  1. Vinegar
  2. Baking soda
  3. Bleaching agents
  4. Muriatic acid
  5. Trisodium phosphate (TSP)